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Probably the best reference text for these decisions (next to looking up everything in a dictionary, that is) is The Chicago Manual of Style. An excellent online resource on hyphen use is the Editing Workshop by Sonia Jaffe Robbins at New York University. Tom Little voices a dissenting opinion in "The Great Hyphenation Hoax," which seeks to free writers of the innumerable rules and imponderable tables of the Chicago Manual of Style .

The first two episodes of “The Defenders” slowly move the four characters into each other’s narratives. For example, Jessica gets a case of a missing man that turns out to be much more than it first seems. Luke tries to protect a young man who may be getting wooed into the criminal underworld. Iron Fist continues to seek out The Hand. And all of this happens under the shadow of mysterious happenings in New York City, including a bizarre, unexplainable earthquake. We know that someone named Alexandra (played with steely determination by Sigourney Weaver ) is this year’s “Big Bad,” but her identity is mysterious. She appears to be a power player in business and social stature in New York City, but it’s also revealed pretty quickly that she may have a supernatural side as well, and we learn that she’s directly involved with The Hand. Before long, she’s controlling the Black Sky, a resurrected Elektra ( Elodie Yung ), who has essentially become a memory-less killing machine. Why? What does Alexandra want? And can The Defenders work together to stop her?

The Marvels Sonia TogetherThe Marvels Sonia TogetherThe Marvels Sonia TogetherThe Marvels Sonia Together