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Rabindra Sangeet used Indian classical music and traditional folk music as sources. [2] Tagore wrote some 2,230 songs. [3]

Great singer. I hated alternative but Scott and STP were much more than that. Quite legend was lost and the mmusical community mourns a gifted artist
….again. Love and prayers to those left behind

Candace Woodson will tell you she is back on top. Back from breast cancer, a total mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. The woman who began singing inspirational songs at church when she was barely 5 years old, has a personal message to share with the world: “Don’t give up.” Ms. Woodson earned her music degree at Tennessee State University, and has worked as director of promotions for a record label and as a radio personality in Nashville. She launched her own singing career developing a distinctive sound that stretches from pop and R&B to country and jazz. For 5 years she was the headliner at the Omni Hotel in the resort area of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, where she performed with her band, Candace Woodson and the Domino Theory Band. National Cancer Survivors Day was recognized on June 7, and Ms. Woodson’s message of survival is one she is determined to share. “I’m a breast cancer survivor,” she says. “God let me live, so I’ve let it go, and I’m living life to the fullest.” That includes doing what she loves most. Less than a month after her surgery, she was back at work. Not in an office or at a desk, but on stage performing at the wedding reception of Justice Mellencamp – John Cougar Mellencamp’s daughter – on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Ms. Woodson left the audience exhausted from dancing to the “old-school grooves”—classic hits by Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Tina Turner and Michael Jackson. Ms. Woodson’s spunk and determination continue to drive her life and career. Candace Woodson’s spunk and determination continue to drive her life and career. In Summer 2017 her first single as an independent artist will be released worldwide through Sony SMG Distribution. The single, All It Takes , was recorded in Nashville with producer Kendall Duffie. Her recording The Answer is No charted on the UK Soul Chart at number one, and her current single, Where You Are , was released in May 2017 through the Diva’s Got Soul Project. Most recently, Ms. Woodson has been recording in different studios and working with top music industry producers on a new project scheduled for completion by late Fall 2017. See VIDEO of Candace Woodson’s recent performance at CFW. More information:

CNR - SER Radio Club Tenerife , Santa Cruz de Tenerife (25) - power output may be well below 25 kW; regional and local programmes: 0000-0001 (Mo-Fr) loc, 0030-0031 (Mo-Fr) loc, 0159-0200 (Mo-Fr) loc, 0259-0300 (Mo-Fr) loc, 0550-0600 (Mo-Fr) reg, 0620-0630 (Mo-Fr) loc, 0720-0730 reg, 0750-0800 (Sa/Su) loc, 0827-0830 (Mo-Fr) loc, 0855-0900 (Mo-Fr) loc, 0855-0858 (Sa/Su) loc, 0903-0905 (Mo-Fr) loc, 0930-0935 (Mo-Fr) loc, 0955-0958 (Sa/Su) loc, 0957-1000 (Mo-Fr) loc, 1003-1006 (Mo-Fr) loc, 1030-1035 (Mo-Fr) loc, 1055-1058 (Sa/Su) loc, 1057-1100 (Mo-Fr) loc, 1105-1300 (Sa/Su) loc, 1120-1130 (Mo-Fr) reg, 1130-1300 (Mo-Fr) loc, 1305-1315 reg, 1315-1330 loc, 1410-1500 loc, 1530-1533 (Mo-Fr) loc, 1623-1624 (Su) loc, 1630-1633 (Mo-Fr) loc, 1720-1723 (Mo-Fr) loc, 1723-1724 (Su) loc, 1753-1754 (Sa) loc, 1823-1824 (Su) loc, 1853-1854 (Sa) loc, 1923-1924 (Su) loc, 1925-1930 (Mo-Fr) reg, 1953-1954 (Sa) loc, 2023-2024 (Su) loc, 2053-2054 (Sa) loc, 2123-2124 (Su) loc, 2153-2154 (Sa) loc, 2157-2200 (Mo-Fr) loc, 2227-2230 (Su) loc, 2255-2300 Mo-Fr) loc, 2257-2300 (Sa) loc, 2330-2331 loc
Av. de Anaga 35, Santa Cruz de Tenerife 38001, Islas Canarias
E - SER Radio Valencia , Valencia (50) - regional and local programmes, see above
Antigua Senda de Senent 11, Edificio Alameda, 45021 Valencia
E - SER Radio Rioja , Logroño (10*) - regional and local programmes, see above; *: can be up to 30 kW
Av. Portugal 12, Apt. 149, 26001 Logroño - w
EGY - ERTU Al-Barnameg al-Aam , Qena (10) - 0300-2400 in Arabic, General program
. Box 11511, 1186 Cairo - w - e
G - Radio BGWS 1179 kHz (LPAM) , Farnborough () - 1145-1800; run by the British Gurkha Welfare Society
British Gurkha Welfare Society, Gurkha Bhawan, 119 Wren Way, Farnborough, Hants GU14 8TA - w - e
IRN - IRIB Radio Iran , Chah Bahar (50) - 24h in Farsi
. Box 15875-4344, Tehran
IRQ - Radio Voice of Iraq , Baghdad (5/) - 0400-1800; ID: 'Idha'at Sowt-il Iraq min Baghdad'
PO Box 74143, Al-Autafiyh, Sector 409, Street 13, House 35/1, Baghdad - w - e
MOZ - Emissor Provincial de Zambezia , Quelimane (50) - 0250-2200 in Portuguese
ROU - SRR Radio România Actualităţi , various (7/200) - 24h; txs in Reşiţa (7) and Galbeni (Bacău) (200 kW)  
. Box 111, 70749 Bucureşt - w

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Various Disco BaharVarious Disco BaharVarious Disco BaharVarious Disco Bahar