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While Mick Jones's spirited garage rock tune Should I Stay Or Should I Go enjoyed significant radio play, the single was released as a 'double A-side'.

Musically and lyrically, The Clash refused to be “little Englanders”, embracing a world beyond their roots, drawing on rock’n’roll, reggae, calypso, jazz, folk, blues, soul, and sometimes bolting them together (or taking them apart) with a genre-busting experimentalism that they rarely get any credit for. Here then are there their albums, rated from worst to life-changing first.

The war against the Arabs and Islam is run by two conspiracies, an Anglo-American one (the whale, because it controls the oceans), and a Zionist one (the elephant, the one you can't see in the china shop until you join up the dots).

Clash Complete ControlClash Complete ControlClash Complete ControlClash Complete Control