Allspice slipped away - Jamaican Jerk Seasoning - Jo Cooks

Some time past, I purchased a jar of Pickled Beets from the grocery store.  I’d stumbled across some information on the Internet about how good they were and how good they were for your body.  So, I thought I’d give them a try.  Big mistake for me.  I placed the jar in the refrigerator to let them get cold and a few days later I gave them a try.  Ughh….I hated them.  I have no idea what brand I bought but, they had no appeal for me what so ever.  They tasted more like DIRT than anything else.  I was highly disappointed and knew that I’d never eat any more so, I ended up just tossing them in the trash that very day.  Lesson learned.

I need to stuff myself full of this fudge! I almost made some, but changed my mind. Sure wish I had a few squares of yours right now!

Allspice Slipped AwayAllspice Slipped AwayAllspice Slipped AwayAllspice Slipped Away