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What I find very interesting and not often discussed, is that women also have sex dreams that may or may not end in orgasm. As with other aspects of sexual arousal, there may be no obvious, tangible signs (like ejaculation), but she may be woken up by a strong orgasm. In fact, some women report they can have stronger orgasms in their sleep compared to the orgasms they have when they are awake. Some women can even have multiple orgasms in their sleep. Because women usually don’t have ’emissions’ with their sex dreams, terms like nocturnal orgasms, spontaneous orgasms, and sleep-related orgasms are used to describe these instead. Even though Kinsey reported that about 37% of women admitted to a sleep-related orgasm by age 45, and more recent surveys place that percentage much higher, it still seems that many people are not aware of this occurrence, and therefore have a some misunderstandings or guilt about it.

Ejaculations during sleep are most often tied to erotic dreams, but just like masturbation frequency, there is no direct link between the two. Some men will have vivid erotic dreams that lead to a spontaneous orgasm, while others will regularly have erotic dreams but never have a nocturnal emission. Some may wake up during their nocturnal emission, but it is just as common to sleep through it entirely. Others may not even achieve an erection during a nocturnal emission. It simply varies from person to person.

Nocturnal Emissions Tissue Of LiesNocturnal Emissions Tissue Of LiesNocturnal Emissions Tissue Of LiesNocturnal Emissions Tissue Of Lies