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In other alphabetic systems , diacritical marks may perform other functions. Vowel pointing systems, namely the Arabic harakat (  ـِ ,ـُ ,ـَ,  etc.) and the Hebrew niqqud (  ַ◌, ֶ◌, ִ◌, ֹ◌, ֻ◌, etc.) systems, indicate vowels that are not conveyed by the basic alphabet. The Indic virama ( ् etc.) and the Arabic sukūn (  ـْـ  ) mark the absence of vowel. Cantillation marks indicate prosody . Other uses include the Early Cyrillic titlo stroke ( ◌҃ ) and the Hebrew gershayim (  ״  ), which, respectively, mark abbreviations or acronyms , and Greek diacritical marks, which showed that letters of the alphabet were being used as numerals . In the Hanyu Pinyin official romanization system for Chinese, diacritics are used to mark the tones of the syllables in which the marked vowels occur.

The King Bees Keep Lovin I Want My BabyThe King Bees Keep Lovin I Want My Baby