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All bound Bane shards which use soul gems use regular soul gems (Soul Gems with no lesser or strong prefix) These require the 20HD version of the spell (or a Trap the Soul weapon/guard) to capture these. The monsters listed below are all within the range of 11-20HD and thus generate the appropriate type.

Rules of the Game . A variety of metaphors are used by higher dimensional sources to describe our third dimensional Earth existence: a school, a game, a theatrical production, an insane asylum for the galaxy. In Chapter 6 of the Great Shift book I describe the theatrical production metaphor in more detail, but here I will describe it briefly. When you go to a theatrical production the actors are playing roles. The better the actor, the more real the characters seem to the audience. But no matter how much pain and suffering has been acted out on stage, the actors know that their roles are not who they really are. After the show is over, they get together and have a good time at the cast party. In the Earth drama we have become fantastic actors who have confused who we really are with the roles we have agreed to play. Remembering our soul origins is one way to free ourselves from roles we find ourselves in that seem to be limiting rather than empowering. Back to Top

With one sea route closed, another — from North Africa across the Mediterranean Sea to Italy — quickly expanded, with a record 181,000 people taking it last year. And that number is sure to keep growing: Sub-Saharan Africa currently has one of the highest birthrates in the world, and, according to one recent study , almost 800 million working-age people there — more than the current population of Europe — will enter the labor force between now and 2050. Few of them will find decent jobs; many won’t find work at all.

Soul Asylum Times IncineratorSoul Asylum Times IncineratorSoul Asylum Times IncineratorSoul Asylum Times Incinerator