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Not all was well with Jackson even then, however. He carried a range of personal demons that manifested themselves in his demeanor -- he had acquired the nickname "Black Jake" by the time he was in his early twenties, evidently a reference to his persona -- and sometimes very heavy drinking, which occasionally was plain even during their performances. Liverpool musicologist Bill Harry cites the oft-repeated story of Brian Epstein coming to the Cavern Club to see the group perform, with an idea of signing them, only to see an obviously inebriated Jackson fall off the stage. He was the face and voice of the group, however, for that first year and a half separated from Sandon , until they began recording. Jackson sang on "Sweets for My Sweet" and "Sugar and Spice," as well as on the LP track that would later become their biggest . hit, "Love Potion Number 9," but his voice had apparently cracked during preparation for the recording of their single "Needles and Pins," and the group's management and producer felt -- with good reason -- that there were four good voices in the lineup; Pender and McNally ended up sharing the lead on the song, which became the biggest hit in their history (everywhere but in the United States). Jackson never accepted the new, shared frontman role and his behavior grew more hostile and erratic, leading to his exit in the summer of 1964. At the time, most of the music press wondered if the group could carry on without him.

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Tony Jackson With The Vibrations Bye Bye BabyTony Jackson With The Vibrations Bye Bye BabyTony Jackson With The Vibrations Bye Bye BabyTony Jackson With The Vibrations Bye Bye Baby